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9 Times Huda Kattan Talks About Female Empowerment On Episode Three Of Huda Boss

This episode will give you all the feminist feels

Episode three of our favourite new guilty pleasure sees the Kattan family take LA. From candid chats with Nurse Jamie about plastic surgery to dealing with women judging Huda’s parenting skills, the beauty mogul opens up in the most open and honest episode yet of Huda Boss.

“In the beginning it felt shameful to have a nose job, but only because people made it that way. Now I don’t care.”

“There’s only room in the industry for one number one brand.”

“When I first met Chris, I loved him so much I was willing to risk making both my parents angry if it meant I could still see him.”

“When we’re in Dubai things are always so fancy. Sometimes I just crave the little, simple things.”

“When I started my business, people thought it was just a hobby and I wanted people to take me seriously.”

“My relationship with Nour is a friendship. She’s my best friend, and I have had a lot of women judge me. They say catty things about me not being in touch with my daughter and not knowing what she’s doing, but it is absolutely not true. They can say whatever they want, I know what reality is.”

“It feels really powerful to be able to embrace being a woman in the Middle East who’s not afraid to go into a boardroom and tell a room of men how it is.”

“I’m going to channel my inner Beyonce today.”

“I feel really ill, but as long as I have the energy to stand, I’m not going to let my team down.”

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