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Ariana Grande Celebrated The Women Who Inspire Her The Most In Honor Of Her New Single

After taking the world by storm with her Elle Magazine cover story Wednesday, July 11, followed by a recent announcement that her single "God Is A Woman" will be released a lot sooner than expected, Ariana Grande is shaking up the internet once more. On Twitter, Ariana Grande celebrated the women who inspire her most, name dropping a couple of Hollywood's most beloved celebs in the mix.

The highly-anticipated second single from Grande's 2018 studio album Sweetener, "God Is A Woman" was orginally scheduled for a July 20 release. But, whether by way of a multitude of fan pleas, or simple her own bit of anxiousness, Grande pushed the premiere date up drastically — to the night of Thursday, July 12, to be exact. Needless to say, the very womanly single, which is said to be Grande's 92-year-old grandmother's favorite song on her forthcoming album — per Grande's Elle cover interview — is going to knock fans' socks off with its seemingly raunchy and in-your-face lyrics.

The title alone sends a message of female empowerment, which, of course, is a direct reflection of how a lot of Grande's fans see her — a total inspiration to many. Upon announcing "GIAW's" new release date, fans used the hashtag #GodIsAWomanTonight to ask the entertainer a few intimate questions about her new music, as well as herself. And when one avid listener of Grande's asked who she looks up to personally, she responded with the best answer ever.

"All women," Grande said. "But... top five: Joan Grande, Nonna, Imogen, Madonna, Whitney."

That's right — along with Grande's mother Joan and grandmother, Nonna, the 92-year-old rockstar who's already obsessed with "GIAW," Grande deemed legends Imogen Heap, Madonna and Whitney Houston as the top five women who inspire her most. And just as Grande was touched by their industry influence, so many fans of Heap, Madonna, and Houston can attest to the fact that their musical brilliance has affected their lives for the better too.

If there's one thing to know about the newly engaged singer, it's that she's in touch with her fans. And the listing of her top five female inspirations, paired with her musical catalogue of empowering Billboard hits, totally proves that to be true. Throughout her career, Grande has performed the most touching hymns, that quickly become anthems. And by the looks of things, "GIAW" is going to be of no difference.

As aforementioned, the lyrics for the highly anticipated single were hinted to be crossing some naughty lines, but the 25-year-old embracing her sexier side, and flaunting her adulting edge isn't anything out of the ordinary. Grande pronounced with her 2016 studio album that she's a Dangerous Woman, and sometimes, dangerous women like to talk about the very adult things they "don't need permission" to do.

Ahead of the single's release, Grande seemingly shared some of the lyrics on Twitter July 11. "You... love it how i move you, love it how i touch you my one," Grande tweeted. "When all is said n done, you'll believe god is a woman."

"And i..... feel it after miiiiidnight, a feelin that u cant fight," Grande continued. "It lingers when we’re done, you’ll believe god is a woman." It could've been a poem she was working on or reading, or even movie quotes that the singer just couldn't seem to get out of her head. Either way, the fans could not handle all of her tweet's hotness.

Everyone's pretty convinced that what Grande tweeted are, in fact, the lyrics to the single, which is, persumably, going to overpower the Hot 100 charts for the rest of the summer. And, the singer didn't deny it, either. Until it's all officially confirmed, however, fans will just have to wait until "GIAW" premieres Thursday night to find out.

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