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10 Iconic Beauty Moments We’ll Never Forget10 Iconic Beauty Moments We’ll Never Forget


1. Blonde Bombshells

Our favorite beauty icons have rocked glamorous blonde locks for decades, from platinum curls to dirty-blonde feathered layers. Whether they actually have more fun remains up for debate.

2. Red Lipstick Feminism

In 1912, more than 50,000 women marched to fight for the right to vote. The suffragetyes wore red lipstick to make a statement of liberty and rebellion; some would say it’s been a symbol for power ever since.

3. Graphic Eyes

What do you get when the most famous actresses of our generation stars as one of the most famous queens in history? A killer graphic eye look that we're still replicating decades later.

4. Pixie Cut Movement

We can thank a 1968 classic horror film for giving us the inspiration we needed to say goodbye to long locks in favor of this subversive 'do.

5. Non-White Cover Models

It took more than eight decades, but the nation’s foremost fashion magazine finally featured a black model on its cover in 1974. The appearance opened the door for people of color to grace the covers of other magazines and show readers that beauty is more than just one skin tone.

6. '80s Mania

A big thank you to the era for introducing electric blue into our eyeshadow color palettes and making hairspray a mainstay in our styling routines.

7. Transgender Beauty Campaign Stars

2015 marked a major milestone for transgender models when one became the face of a national cosmetics brand and another was chosen as the face of a hair product company.

8. Body Size Inclusivity

While the average american is a size 14, for most of modern history, it was extremely rare to see a model remotely close to that size. In 2016, the first plus-size model graced the cover of a famous men’s sports magazine's infamous swimsuit issue, proving that you don’t have to be stick-thin to pull off a bikini.

9. Going Bare

The #nomakeup movement of 2016 started when Alicia Keyes walked a red carpet barefaced, encouraging everyone to celebrate their natural features instead of concealing them.

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