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Last-Minute Beauty Pick-Me-Ups to Book for Thanksgiving Break

Where to squeeze in some last-minute fine-tuning and pampering while you have time off.

Thanksgiving kicks off a season of indulgence, but who says you have to return to work feeling worse? The long weekend can be a chance to primp for the upcoming holiday season, while taking advantage of downtime to recover, returning looking refreshed and rejuvenated — and who knows, maybe even a little bit younger, too. From lasers to lip highlighting, here’s how to squeeze in some last-minute Thanksgiving pampering — whether you have the whole weekend or just an hour to spare.

For fast, affordable laser and light therapy, look no further than internationally loved Skin Laundry, which recently unveiled its newest Los Angeles location inside Nordstrom at The Grove, for Black Friday-adjacent pampering. Choose from a menu of results-driven treatments, including the Ultra Fractional ($250 per session), a three-part treatment consisting of YAG laser, fractional laser, and pressurized oxygen delivery of Hydration Boost (hyaluronic acid, peptide and antioxidant serum), targeted toward combatting hyperpigmentation. “We use the YAG laser to deeply clean the skin and stimulate collagen. The fractional device strongly targets the skin's surface to reduce dark spots, refine pores and texture, and reduce appearance of fine lines,” says director of medical operations Elyse Shelger, RN. “Our Hydration Boost then soothes and hydrates, to plump and smooth your skin.” Los Angeles-based clients can also test out Skin Laundry Rx, a prescription-focused extension of the brand’s treatments and Wash and Wear line, set to roll out at additional locations around the country in 2019.

Also on the laser treatment front is Lumecca IPL ($300 per session) — “the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) laser on the market to treat age spots, vascular lesions, rosacea, freckles and sun damage,” says Brian Nourian, co-founder of Le Jolie Medi Spa, featuring locations in both Studio City and West Hollywood. Healing time, he says, depends on the individual patient, as well as what skincare concern you’re seeking to treat with Lumecca. “If you are coming in to treat hyperpigmentation, the spots could darken before they flake off in four to five days. In contrast, if you’re coming in for a Lumecca treatment to obtain an overall glow and for anti-aging reasons, you will notice immediate results with little to no downtime,” he adds.

With multiple locations in Los Angeles including new storefronts in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, Alchemy 43 has a menu of cosmetic micro treatments and injectables designed to become part of your beauty regimen as both prevention and maintenance. The Radically Radiant micro-penning treatment ($350 per session; $900 for three) is beneficial for all skin types and skin conditions, says expert and founder Nicci Levy. “Micropenning utilizes tiny needles to create a mini injury which serves to wake up the body's collagen,” explains Levy, who offers complimentary, state-of-the-art VECTRA 3D imaging software consultations (a service typically reserved for cosmetic surgeons’ practices) to simulate anticipated results. Expect redness for a day, and avoid applying makeup immediately post treatment. Results can be seen immediately, but effects will be best two weeks in “when collagen production has peaked,” she says.

Meanwhile, fight acne and skin-tone unevenness with a customizable Facile Peel (starting at $300) at Facile Dermatology + Boutique in West Hollywood and Pasadena. “There are several different peeling agents that can be mixed to create the perfect peel for the patient's needs,” says co-founder and medical director Dr. Nancy Samolitis. “It can be made stronger or gentler depending on skin sensitivity and reaction to previous peels." Redness and stinging should subside within a few hours post-treatment; expect dry and tight skin on day two, with peeling for up to a week. Or carve out some extra time on your calendar for the more intense Cosmelan Peel (starting at $1,000), targeted toward patients with stubborn melasma or severe sun damage with significant discoloration. An in-office peel application, followed by a home care regimen that continues the process, the Cosmelan causes light burning and tightening of the skin for 24 to 48 hours, with peeling for up to two weeks. “Once your skin feels like its back to its young self — about day six — you can go back to your regular skincare regimen,” says Samolitis.

Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos officially became mainstream with the brow-shaping microblading, praised by everyone from Lena Dunham to Helen Mirren. But why stop there? For that perfect under-the-mistletoe pucker, Dominique Bossavy — the nano color-infusion artist beloved by the likes of Julie Bowen, Michelle Williams, Lena Dunham and Megan Fox — comes to the rescue with the French Highlighting Lip Definer semi-permanent lip color ($4,500). Designed to replace pigmentation lost with aging, the bicoastal artist’s treatment, done over multiple sessions, creates definition and color for that no-makeup makeup look. Using nano punctures that help build collagen as the skin heals (similar to micropenning), Bossavy applies a custom lip tint, using a lighter shadow above the lip line for added dimension. Allow five to seven days for dry lips (nothing a salve cant help with), and avoid washing the area when possible for up to 10 days.

For a quick pick-me-up in between holiday shopping, head to the newest location of Bellacures, LeBron James and Reese Witherspoon’s nail salon of choice, across from the tony new Palisades Village outdoor shopping and dining center. Banish post-Thanksgiving hangovers with the Dr. Detox pedicure, accompanied by an optional hydrating and nourishing intravenous treatment by the I.V. Doc ($275 with I.V., $75 without). An activated charcoal and sea-salt soak draws out impurities through the soles, followed by a charcoal scrub and an acupressure massage designed to stimulate circulation—all while you sip on a Pressed Juicery Charcoal Detox Shot that soaks up toxins from within. Eligible clients who meet the requirements of a screening process by a licensed M.D. can also reap the benefits of an electrolyte and vitamin supplement-packed I.V. drip, administered by a registered nurse during the pedicure.

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