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5 new beauty tech products women (and men) will want to try this year

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives and has full-on stampeded into the beauty and personal care industries.

But we (mostly) welcome the intrusion.

Here are five beauty tech products that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show Sunday that both women and men will want to try in the near future.

Skincare wand from Procter and Gamble

Ladies, are you tired of smearing foundation all over your face to cover up a few dark or red splotches? Men, are you bemoaning those premature age spots? Opté, a Procter and Gamble offshoot, has a solution set to debut in late 2019 or early 2020, probably.

The Opté Precision Skincare system is a magic wand that both covers and banishes dark spots using a highly sensitive camera and micro makeup.

The wand uses a camera with blue LED lights to scan your skin for discolorations on the skin and captures 200 images per second. When the wand detects discoloration, it deposits serum on the discolored spot, completely covering it up and eventually fading it over time. The serum comes off when you wash your face and puts 99 percent less stuff on your face than your traditional foundation.

Cordless hair dryer from Volo Beauty

Normal hair dryers need cords. They need to be light enough to hold but powerful enough to emit enough heat and air to dry your hair.

But Volo Beauty believes they’ve found a way to do it differently. The Volo Go is a cordless hair dryer (Yay! Dry your hair while walking around the house!) that also claims to nourish your hair unlike any other.

Instead of using what’s called a nichrome heating element (like most dryers), it uses a quartz infrared light to penetrate the “cortex” of the hair, drying it from the inside out. It’s also powered by the same type of lithium-ion battery cells you might find in an electric car and comes with a charging port.

The company has not yet announced the release date, but you can check out more information here on Kickstarter. It should be later in 2019.

YouCam Makeup beauty consultant from Perfect

You may have heard of YouCam Makeup before (not to be confused with YouCam Perfect, YouCam Nails and YouCam Fun). If you haven’t, it’s that fun (and free) app that lets you try on different styles of makeup, try out different hair colors and the like.

If you’re a serious beautician, maybe you actually buy the products you can virtually try on via the app, but, if not, you probably just use it for fun and to send your friends and family ridiculous pictures of yourself.

But YouCam has experienced its own makeover recently, and now you can try out ombre hair dyes and a… personal beautician? Yep, now you can have a free 1-on-1 beauty consultation with a professional who’s free from 3-9 p.m. ET every day of the week.

Try that on for size.

Personalized, 3-D printed face mask from Neutrogena

Last year, Neutrogena debuted the Neutrogena Skin360: a little device you can attach to your smartphone and use to scan your skin, then receive personalized recommendations about what Neutrogena products you should purchase for your skin, as well as recommendations from dermatologists.

The scanner went over pretty well, but customers let Neutrogena know it was missing something important: personalized products. So this year, Neutrogena debuted MaskiD: a 3-D printed mask that’s customized to a person’s face.

Now, owners of the skin scanner can, well, scan their skin, then receive a personalized face mask that fits to their facial dimensions and applies different ingredients depending on the customer’s needs (whether that be hydration, wrinkles or acne).

The MaskiD will launch in late 2019 on

Smart electric toothbrush from Oral-B

Could your oral health use a little help? The Genius X toothbrush from Oral-B uses artificial intelligence to learn your brush patterns, then suggests improvements. It’s like a backseat driver for your teeth!

Whether you suffer from cavities or receding gums, the Genius X will help you brush for the right amount of time and with the right amount of pressure in the areas that maybe you didn’t realize you were skipping, all with the help of an app on your phone.

See, there’s an app for everything!

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