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To celebrate Women's History Month this month, Yelp is making it a little bit eaiser to find and support women-owened businesses. The site launched a "Women-Owned Business" attribute which highlights when a business is female-owned.

The label appears under, "More buisness info" on the right side of a business page, the same place where you'll find whether or not a spot has bike parking, accepts credit cards, or requires appoitments.

Female-owned businesses can add the designation to their business page by logging into their Yelp dashboard. Women-owned business can also order a new window decal through Yelp to display on their storefront.

If you want to specifically search for a women-owned business then the site "Women Owned" can be great resource to do that,as well. That site allows you to search for female-owned businesses by name or category. It isn't the best for finding a local cafe, but can definitely help you discover women-owned businesses you might not have realized were out there.

From finding your next female contractor, favortie lady chef or reliable woman mechanic, Yelp's got you covered and it just got a whole lot eaiser for you to ensure women are thriving in your local economy.


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