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Groundbreaking model revolutionizing the definition of beauty

Halima Aden is changing the game and making history as the first hijab model to wear a burkini in Sports Illustrated's legendary swimsuit issue.

"Sports Illustrated is proving that a girl that's wearing a bikini could be right alongside a girl that's wearing a burqini," Aden said. "And as women, we can come alongside each other and be each other's biggest cheerleaders celebrating the diversity of women"

The iconic magazine is trying to push forward the conversation around beauty.

Sports Illustrated's Editor MJ Day said this year's issue has one of the biggest and broadest samplings of beauty they have ever featured.

"So you see a wide range of age and race and levels of modesty," Day said. "That really is a first for us"

As a child, Halima grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya. Now the 21-year-old is breaking barriers and empowering others.

"I've never gotten to shoot in the ocean wearing a swimsuit. And I felt like I was Beyoncé in that water, sis. I was like living my best life," Aden said.

Aden says she will always be passionate about breaking stereotypes and show others you can do anything.


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