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Like a thief in the night, Gucci subtly created an Instagram page for its beauty offshoot last September and quickly amassed a legion of followers with its artsy content. While most luxury brand's Instagram pages tend to lean towards lipstick swatches, glossy flat-lay images of products and editorial campaign shots, Gucci Beauty used its page to explore the history of beauty through centuries-old art pieces culled from several museums around the world. For its official return to the makeup world, Gucci Beauty has art on its mind again, but this time the spotlight is on old Hollywood films.

Gucci originally launched makeup in 2014, under the creative direction of Frida Gianninni and Pat McGrath, and phased out by 2016. For its 2019 rebirth under Gucci's current creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci Beauty is starting with a 58 (!) lipstick collection that is divided into three different formulas: 36 Rouge à Lèvres Satin (satin finish), 18 Rouge à Lèvres Voile (sheer finish), and four Baume à Lèvres (translucent balmy finish). Given Michele's love affair with timeless art, the entire collection is inspired by vintage makeup and antique collectibles, and features a floral design on some of the tubes that call to mind Gucci's signature fragrance, Gucci Bloom.

Each lipstick shade name is inspired by a famous actresses from old Hollywood films, including Anne Baxter, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow and more, and the themes of these classic films, from Love Before Breakfast to Three Wise Girls and A Royal Scandal.

"I thought back to the lipsticks I saw in my life, when I was little, my mum's lipstick, who was always inspired by the 50s, and I wanted to give it the most powerful meaning, that of the Hollywood divas and the mythology of cinema, which first put the lips in the spotlight,” Michele said in a press release.

Gucci Beauty's campaign doesn't strive for perfection because that's not who the Gucci Beauty girl is. The Gucci Beauty girl is Dani Miller, lead singer of punk band Surfbort, whose gapped-tooth wide grin is the face of the new Gucci Beauty campaign. The campaign also features a diverse cast of models like Mae Lapres, Achok Majak and Ellia Sophia Coggins.

Created with a violet scent, the lipsticks serve a bunch of different purposes, as evidence by makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver during an intimate Gucci Beauty workshop with select editors. Kluyver used Goldie Red—inspired by Jean Harlow in Goldie and the star product of the line—on the models' lips and cheeks, as well as Crystal Black as eyeshadow and eyeliner throughout the campaign visuals. The unconventional beauty campaign was shot by Martin Parr.

Each lipstick in the new Gucci Beauty collection runs for $38 a pop and are available on Starting today, Monday, May 6, the collection will be released exclusively at the Saks Fifth Avenue New York Flagship and nationwide on May 29th on and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores.


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