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Whoopi Goldberg Launches Comfort-Driven Clothing Line: DUBGEE

The comedian wanted to create comfy and stylish clothing that's "made for your shape, regardless of what your shape is"

When Whoopi Goldberg decided that she wanted to design her own clothing line, she was 100 percent sure of one thing: “You’re going to see me in my clothes,” she tells PEOPLE.

“Because if I’m not wearing them, then you’re not going to believe what I tell you about them. You’re going to want to wear these clothes because they’re comfortable and that they’re made for your shape, regardless of what your shape is.”

The concept for DUBGEE, Goldberg’s new size-inclusive brand (it goes up to 3X) which is available for purchase at Neiman Marcus, Amazon, Ashley Stewart and Le Tote, came to her mind during a trip to Greece when the star was unable to find comfortable clothing that fit her figure.

“It was an experience I wasn’t really familiar with because I’ve always been able to find things that were comfortable and felt fine,” Goldberg, 63, says.

After consulting with her team that helps Goldberg create her seasonal Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Zappos, DUBGEE was born. “The name comes from my initials — ‘W’ and ‘G’ — DUBGEE,” she explains.

Goldberg wants fans to know this collection is just as much for herself as it is for them. “The last thing you should ever worry about is what’s in your closet,” she says. “My attitude is to make comfortable stuff that becomes a staple in your closet and you can style it however you want to.”

The line includes oversize graphic sweatshirts, cropped pants, patterned dresses, roomy button ups and tees, all ranging from $89 to $390. Incorporating an extended size range, Goldberg says, was key when developing the collection.

“My weight fluctuates. And if it goes however it goes, I want to feel good about everything I put on,” Goldberg shares. “There are so many people that think they can’t be fashionable, but not with DUBGEE. You can be whatever you want.”

Although Goldberg has famously opened up about not wearing a bra for 40+ years, she says her clothing was designed to wear with or without undergarments. “If you decide not to wear a bra, don’t wear a bra! But just know that whatever you decide, it’s the right choice for you,” she says.

Ultimately, the star hopes DUBGEE customers feel just as comfortable in her pieces as she does.

“My style is whatever I make it,” Goldberg says. “I am happy to be me in my clothes.”


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