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Pride Beauty Collections That Are Actually Helping The LGBTQ Community

Pride Month has finally kicked off so prepare your hearts for loads of celebration for and by the LGBTQ+ community. This month is all about honoring their contributions to our world and the fight they consistently engage in for equal rights and total acceptance. There are so many beauty collections dropping for Pride Month. We've rounded up the best ones that look super cool and more importantly, will earn proceeds that go directly to the LGBTQ+ community.

We're not doing rainbow beauty just to do it. It's important to remember that the LGBTQ+ community doesn't exist for the amusement and entertainment of straight cis people. They are a marginalized group facing very real attacks on their right to simply just be and love who they want to love. We want to make sure our dollars go towards to helping them do just that so ahead, you'll find a round-up of Pride-themed beauty products with proceeds that actually go towards helping LGBTQ+ people.

MAC Loves Pride Collection

MAC Cosmetics dropped a brand new collection dedicated to Pride Month and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The MAC Loves Pride collection includes one Chromagraphic Pencil ($18, MAC Cosmetics), the Art Libary: It's Designer Eye Shadow Palette ($48, MAC Cosmetics), Brushstroke 24-Hour Liner ($22, MAC Cosmetics), one blending brush, one Chromagraphic Pencil ($18, MAC Cosmetics), Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash, a rainbow of loose glitter pigments ($22, MAC Cosmetics), and so much more!

Beyond dropping beautiful rainbow makeup, the brand is also hosting a few different Pride events all over the country. Check out the Pride events page on the MAC Cosmetics website

Tarte Pride Month Collection

Tarte dropped a complete Pride collection that includes a Jessie Paege X Tarte Let It Rain-Bow Eye set ($24, Tarte Cosmetics), a pair of lashes, a pot of glitter gel, and a liquid chrome paint metallic pigment with fun stencils. The best part about this collection is that the eye shadow palette was created in collaboration with YouTube influencer, Jessie Paege, who proudly identifies as bisexual and has documented her coming out experience and journey as a member of the LGBTQ+ community on her YouTube channel.

"Together, we have joined forces to donate $25k to @trevorproject — a leading national organization providing crisis intervention [and] suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ young people under 25," Paege and Tarte confirmed on Instagram.

Lunar Beauty Life's A Drag

Beauty influencer Manny MUA launched the Life's A Drag Eye Shadow Palette during Pride Month in 2018! Now, the palette has hit Sephora this year just in time for its second Prime Month! For the duration of June, Sephora is donating $1 from the sales of this product to support LGBTQ organizations. Per the website, the donation will be made via Sephora Stands Charitable Fund managed by the Tides Foundation. For fund info, you can visit!

Milk Makeup x The Center Pride Pack: Equality Stamp + Glitter Lip Gloss ($14, Sephora)

This special edition Pride Pack launched in 2018 for Pride Month and it's still around this year! The pack comes with one Equality Tattoo Stamp and one Glitter Lip Gloss in a rainbow hue. MILK MAKEUP still donates 50% of the retail purchase price of Pride Packs to New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (The Center). You can purchase it for half-off on the Sephora website or pay full price on the Milk Makeup site


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