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Makeup In Summer Isn't A Bummer Anymore

Applying makeup in the harsh Summer feels like such a hassle, right? Even if you're a hardcore makeup lover, it's tough to think about that base. But with proper knowledge of your skin and products, one can wear makeup in the Summer without fear of it mealting away. Makeup artist Swati Verma says, "Summer means there's no need for long-lasting, thick foundations because that, along with being out in the sun, could clog your pores. Use fewer products and drink a lot of water! Too much makeup in the hot sun can make you look unnatural."

Emphasising the importance of moisturising, she says, "Even if you have oily skin, keep it hydrated in the Summer. Try an oil-free moisturiser and leave about ten minutes for it to soak into your skin before you apply primer or foundation."

Beat The Sunlight

  • Wear sunscreen even if you use makeup products with SPF 15 or 30.

  • If you don't have a highlighter but want the look, use petroleum jelly on your cheeckbones and bridge/tip of your nose.

  • Avoid a makeup meltdown by using Milk Of Magnesia as primer for oily skin. Apply it after moisturiser and before foundation to maintain complexion that's matte.

  • Carry a pinish/nude pink tone (for fair to wheatish people) lipstick. You can use it on lips, cheecks as well as your eyelids for a quick touch-up

5 steps to perfect it

  • Prep your skin well with a good moisturiser and primer (which works on all skin types)

  • Consider a light BB cream or a minimum coverage foundation

  • Conceal dark spots (wherever you have pigmentation) and dark circles with radiant concealers. You can also use a red/orange lipstick for colour correction under your eye area ( if you’re following this step, use base/BB/CC cream after colour correcting)

  • Freshen your face with cream blush, and apply bronzer to the cheeks, nose, and chin for a dewy glow

  • Ditch regular lipsticks and opt for lip tints or soft liquid mattes this summer (mostly peach and pink nudes)

Pro tips to swear by

  • Stick to waterproof makeup, you don’t want your makeup melting down your face.

  • To top it all off, a setting spray will add the finishing touch to hold your makeup in place.

  • Blotting paper will become your best friend through the day. Plus, in the midst of summer, we’re all prone to a little extra oil on our T-zone, so mini blotting paper sheets or compact blotting powders are the easiest things to carry around in your bag to keep your skin oil-free through the day.


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