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City Girl Beauty Project Founder & CEO Andrea D. Charles Joined Panel Discussion at the 4th Annu

On Sunday May 6th, 2018; Andrea D. Charles, CEO & Founder of City Girl Beauty Project, appeared on a panel of business women and community advocates at the 4th Annual Women's Empowerment Summit and Awards.

Andrea shared insight on beauty, women's empowerment and starting and launching her organization.

The 2018 Annual Women's Empowerment Summit organized by EBK Events featured partnership with the Trinbago Progressive Association, 501C3 was held at Brooklyn Hilton Hotel. The event, celebrated both women and men that contribute to the community through their profession. The day was marked by an interactive conversation and panel discussion from fashion, beauty, media and integrating community work with government leadership.

Among the attendees, were local City and Elected offices, Federal Bureau of Investigations Agents, Community organizations such as T.A.L.L.O.M Foundation, I AM WOMAN Inc and a host of other's. Honorees were selected for their respective community service in areas of service to others. Guest Honoree's included Celebrity &Executive Chef Windford Patrick Simpson, BB King Blues Club, Grill &Highland Ballroom and Million-dollar hair and beauty brand Mielle Organics. The day concluded with a health segment dedicated to the diverse attendees empowering mind, body and soul by Medical Missionaries in the Greater New York area.


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