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Human Trafficking is a billion dollar industry that is taking over the U.S

DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- A billion dollar industry that many don't know exist is closer than you may think. Human Trafficking is an industry growing day by day and changing lives forever that affects all ages and genders.

Fannie Pierce the host of community awareness event says "When I was doing my research I saw all the industry on human trafficking and I was appalled because I really didn't know it existed. The more research I did the more I saw it's very serious in our country in our city our state and worldwide."

One of the busiest trafficking areas in the United States is the I-20 corridor between Atlanta and Birmingham.

Carolyn Potter Executive Director of Well House deals with victims every day which is why she’s educating others about the seriousness of the issue.

"On a recent arrest a young lay had a map with her and she had different colors on the different states where she had been trafficked and law enforcement asked her what the significance was of the colors. Well she said the ones that are colored green are the states we can make the most money in by being trafficked and Alabama was a green state. "

The Well House in Birmingham helps victims get a fresh start.

The organization had a community awareness discussion in Dothan to teach the community signs of trafficking.

Fannie Pierce says "Just know if someone comes up to your child and says do you want to make extra money that's an indicator that person coming up to them may be recruiting them for tracking."

The more aware others are increases the chance of this coming to an end.

Professionals encourage anyone going through this or who may have suspicions to call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.

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