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Some schools of thought believe that the corpus callosum in a woman's brain is stronger and provides better fiber linkage between the right and left sides. This, of course, is open to debate.

But, in Donna Probes own personal experience of sitting on creative teams with both men and women throughout the 40 years of her career, she has observed that in general women can jump faster between right-brain creativity and left-brain logic. She also believes that women have evolved to be better at multi-tasking, simply out of necessity. Anyone who has chased a toddler around for 12 hours in a day can attest to this.

Yet again, this is open to debate, as there's no clear meta data to prove this, but only venture to guess that many of you observed the same thing.

This is why Probes believes that women are gifted with the ability to be highly successful business owners. Along with having a heart for encouraging women to pursue entrepreneurial ventures because of how well business ownership has helped to mesh her professional life with being a mother and running a household.

Let’s face it. As far as the women’s movement has advanced in seeking equality, the hard reality is that 100 percent wage parity in the workplace does not exist. And, women in general still carry the greater share of household and childcare responsibilities.

Things are getting better, but as a W-2 employee, She believes women still need to work harder to seek a just balance between what they are paid and the competence they display.

This is why Probes believes that business ownership is among the few places where women can truly be compensated in direct relationship to the amount of effort and talent they put forth.

When Probes quit full-time employment and became a small business owner, her hourly rate of pay doubled. Long story short, Probes was able to work fewer hours, net the same amount of money and have more time to nurture the needs of her young children.

Probes mentored young women who are in the beginning stages of sculpting their career. She encourages them to consider setting the goal of being an independent business owner. But that just can't be achieved overnight. It requires planning, saving, upgrading education and strategic maneuvering.

The smart woman will take time to identify her talents, strengths, and passions, Then she must explore how these gifts could be used within the framework of a viable business

From a place of boldness and strength, any woman can set powerful intentions. With fortitude and careful, step-by-step planning, the dream of being a business owner can become a reality.

Donna Probes, MBA, spent 10 years as a small business owner. She is retired from the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce and is active as a SCORE mentor as well as a professional musical performer. For information on SCORE visit


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