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Mess-Free Clear Self Tanner That Makes Application Easy

If we were to ask anyone what their favorite part of summer is, we’re confident we already know the answer. What is it? That summer glow! Aside from lazy days and nice weather, the summertime glow is the instant confidence booster we always need.

The weather can be unpredictable, but want to know what shouldn’t be? At-home beauty products. Need Us to be more specific? Our sunless tanner. Those easy-to-use products should be simple, but often times, they’re anything but. Some leave our hands streaky while others leave our feet and legs uneven.

It’s always a gamble because no one ever knows what exactly we’re going to get in the end. Despite being completely clear, this mess-free formulaOpens a New Window. is easy to use, just like summer itself.

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The Vita Liberata Invisi Tanning MousseOpens a New Window. is an easy-to-use crystal-clear formula that is ideal when looking to create a base tan, add a subtle glow or even out a previously existing tan.

Ever notice how when applying most self-tanners, after wiping hands with a towel, that towel is immediately destroyed? Even worse is when we put on clothes over freshly self-tanned skin and find our outfit is instantly ruined. We’ve all been there! But not anymore!

With a color-free formula, this foaming tan water gives a streak-free result and won’t destroy our bathrooms or outfits in the process. This formula is clear as water, so it means zero risks of a transfer. But how? The super-fast drying formula absorbs onto our skin in seconds.

The supercharged formula is jam-packed with Advoganic technology and organic botanicals. It’s a simple blend that contains ginkgo biloba and raspberry. The ingredients work together to create a formula that hydrates skin deep within its surface and can provide anti-aging properties as well.


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